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You do have time for self-care

One of the most common reasons people tell me they do not or can not engage in self-care activities is that they do not have time. What if I told you that in fact you do have time to engage in self-care activities everyday? Self-care doesn't have to be long lavish trips or hours long spa days (although those are nice). I'm going to provide a list of daily self-care ideas. You can change them to fit your needs, you can do them all, you can do some, or maybe you will be inspired to create your own.

Take an extra minute or two in the shower or bath to enjoy it. Slow down and take your time paying attention to how the water feels on your skin and how your soap and shampoo/conditioner smell.

Take time to enjoy your coffee or tea in the morning. Instead of hurriedly drinking it on your way to work or while checking emails.

If you commute to work find some podcasts to listen to or make a play list of your favorite songs to get you pumped for the day.

Light a candle or incense daily

Go to bed early

Start a daily meditation practice, even just 1-5 minutes a day is enough

Put on lotion that smells good

Enjoy your meals instead of rushing through them

All of these things are things are things that only take a few minutes and are things you do everyday. If you come up with your own creative daily self-care ritual leave a comment!

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