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Self-care on a budget

You might be thinking “but I don’t have the money to do self-care”. But here’s the thing, self-care doesn’t have to be lavish trips to the spa where you receive expensive treatments. It doesn’t have to be spending tons of money on a shopping spree or on an expensive hobby. It can be those things but it doesn’t have to be. For a lot of people money has been tight due to the pandemic. Maybe you were able to take trips to the spa but because you lost your job due to the covid-19 crisis perhaps you are at a loss on a way to practice self-care now. One of my favorite places to shop for some self-care items is the dollar tree!

I am always able to snag great stuff at the dollar tree to use in my different self-care activities/routines. I love to paint and do various crafts and the dollar tree never disappoints. You can even buy canvas there. When I am feeling the urge to paint but don’t have the money for craft store canvases, I head to the dollar tree.

Looking to add some scenting candles or incense to your space? The dollar tree and Walmart have a great selection of incense for 98 cents – a dollar. Burning scented candles or incense is a great way to break relaxation to your space. You may not think of it as self-care but anything that is going to help you relax or just bring you a little bit of joy is selfcare.

Want to start journaling but don’t have the money for a fancy journal…. You can get a cheap notebook at the dollar tree, 5 and below or Walmart. You don’t have to have a beautiful leather-bound journal in order for what you write in it to be meaningful.

Some other great places you might find things for self-care on a budget are thrift stores, Facebook market, or garage sales (although who knows what summer will look like this year). The point is that you can do self-care on a budget. Don’t let money be the thing that keeps your from engaging in things that will relax, recharge, or bring you joy!

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